Powerhouse Las Vegas original goods2: Tank Top & Gater

We sell original Powerhouse Las Vegas merchandise.
Our first products are original T-shirts and masks!

Original TankTop

The TankTop is designed with the PowerhouseGym logo and the name of the Las Vegas Co-owner.
This tank top is the most suitable clothing for trainees.
The design does not inhibit movement, so much so that you are not even aware that you are wearing it.
There are three colors to choose from: black, red, and blue.
The price is $32.99.

Original Gater

Gater is both dustproof and easy to breathe.
It covers not only the respiratory tract, but also the skin from the face to the neck area to provide a solid protection against infections.
Of course, the PowerhouseGym logo and the co-owner's name printed on it.
There are twor colors to choose from: black and white.
The price is $12.99.